EMS makes links with Seawives

seawives-brand[2] was set up in 2015 by Joanne and Louise Hammond, sisters in law and Seawives to Officers in the Merchant Navy.  After many years of living as “a seawife” they realised there was very little support for people that live with Seafarers and the weird and wonderful lifestyle. was launched to provide a fun, easy and free forum for the families, wives and husbands of seafarers to come together to chat, raise concerns, make friends and generally have someone to talk to that “is in the same boat!” The website also provides an online magazine with blogs and articles from fitness to food and cocktails to fashion.

After 12 months it became apparent that the forum needed to be developed into an App in its own right.  With the support of The Sailor Society the App was developed for both Android and IOS products.  This free App provides instant access to others whatever your location, background, status it is open to all those living with a seafarer. The website and the App is all inclusive for everybody!

Recently has formed links with the specialist commercial maritime recruitment company; Elite Maritime Selection, EMS, with a view to adding an extra dimension to the site. Users of the Seawives website will now be able to see Elite Maritime Selection’s live jobs. As a recruitment partner to the international maritime and commercial marine industries EMS has a wide variety of jobs ranging from Engineers to Executives.

It is so important for companies employing or searching for employment for seafarers that they understand and support the families of the seafarers.  A happy home makes a happy seafarer!

James Ward, Managing Director of Elite Maritime Selection said ‘We are delighted to partner with and provide new opportunities for those seafarers looking for alternative employment or indeed shore based roles’.

Joanne states: –  the only thing in common for the partners of seafarers is the seafarers themselves and therefore in order to get the information of out to the partners we need shipping companies, seafarers, recruitment agencies and charities to spread to word so that people know there are others out there living this peculiar life of “time on, time off” the constant change in routines, the sadness of them leaving and the joys (and sometimes frustrations) of them returning.  It can be very difficult at times.  Some people do not know anybody else in the industry and they can feel quite isolated.  It is important to remain positive, independent but be very adaptable and only people living this lifestyle will understand all the highs and the lows.  It has been wonderful seeing friendships being built on the App and the website, being able to offer support to those going through the difficult times and also offer humour, laughter and encouragement when maybe the member has nobody else to talk to. is asking all persons involved with seafaring, whatever profession, to please spread the word about to its employees, members and contacts.

For further information about Seawives please contact Jo via email on